Partner Therapists endorse ChildBe and use it with clients for whom it’s a good fit. They are familiar with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)-based approaches, mindfulness skills and interventions, and family therapy.

What ChildBe does for partner therapists

  • We list partner therapists on our website, along with their contact info so that families can explore the possibility of working with them.
  • In each communication we send to members, we include a “Find a Therapist” button that links to the partner therapist page on our website.
  • Periodically, we email members specifically about finding a therapist through our program.
  • ChildBe Community (our online community) allows partner therapists to list any upcoming workshops or other events of interest to ChildBe members.

What partner therapists do for ChildBe

  • They recommend ChildBe to families whom they believe it would help.
  • They engage in the ChildBe Community (our online community) as they are willing and able.
  • They provide testimonials and feedback on ChildBe, which helps us continually make the product better (smoother functionality, new features, etc.).
  • During our pilot program, they provide an advanced level of feedback by way of the feedback questionnaire, and they elicit an advanced level of feedback from children using ChildBe by way of the interview questions we provide.


Contact us if you'd like to be considered for membership in our Partner Therapist Program.