Janet Spaulding, LMFT

Janet Spaulding, LMFT and Behavioral Clinician, works with a broad spectrum of presenting problems, specializing in the treatment of anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and adult, adolescent, child, and family therapeutic issues. As an integrative therapist, she draws primarily from ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy), Family Systems, Virginia Satir, and mindfulness-based approaches.

Janet has been a member of the Mercy Behavioral Team in Sacramento since May 2017. Previously, she served as Clinical Supervisor, Clinician, and Group Facilitator (Family Support Group / IOP Attendee’s process group) in Sage Anxiety Treatment Program — an Intensive Outpatient Program — from 2011 to 2016. Janet’s prior clinical experience includes child therapy/sandtray therapy training at Phillips’ Graduate Institute, clinical training in El Camino Hospital’s Chemical Dependency Treatment Program, and over 15 years of private practice.

When she's not at one of her offices, you could find Janet with her nose in a good book, practicing her ukulele, front-and-center in the worn, red velvet seats at Tower Theater in Sacramento (devouring the latest foreign film over a small unbuttered popcorn and Peanut M&M’S), attending local art exhibits, sampling diverse cuisine from a “Slow Food” perspective, hanging out with her two amazing (nearly grown) sons, or hiking around the Auburn/Sierra Nevada Foothills.

Elisabeth Hartman Consultant in Cognitive Science & Educational Apps

Elisabeth Hartman studied Psychology and Education at UCLA, where she developed a passion around where the two fields intersect. Through her work in the field of education, she has strived to provide young learners with accurate and understandable answers to their questions about the world around them. During her Master's studies at Teachers College, Columbia University, she developed an interest in educational technology and children's media. Now, she strives to find ways for online tools to help the lives of children and their families. ChildBe fits that mold, so she is proud to be a part of the team! Elisabeth lives in New York City and spends her free time reading, trying new pizza places, and exploring the city.

Elizabeth Whitworth Chief Operations Officer

Elizabeth is a Certified Cognitive Behavioral Life Coach. Her career experience ranges from intelligence analyst to church pastor. Her background in government, nonprofits, and business has developed in her a variety of skills that she brings to ChildBe, coordinating the efforts of the team and coalescing them toward the vision of more and more happy, healthy families. Based in Vancouver, Washington, Elizabeth believes in life, liberty, proper tea, and the Oxford comma; she also believes in the semicolon. She has season tickets to the symphony, reads a ton of books about everything, and revels in nature whenever she can.

Mark Hawley Founder & Owner

Mark Hawley served for four years in the Marine Corps and has worked over 35 years in the corporate world as a network engineering professional. He has overcome many obstacles, but the hardest challenge proved to be raising his daughter Madison. That’s why ChildBe was created. Read the story to learn why and how ChildBe developed.