ChildBe — figuratively — takes you on a family road trip! We help you envision your destination — your values — and then map out a route to get there. Each behavior your child exhibits is a move toward or away from your values.

ChildBe comprises four basic parts: the Behavior Tracker, ParentBe Coaching, Resource Recommendations, and the ChildBe Community.

Behavior Tracker

When you set up ChildBe for your family, you will create a list of behaviors that are relevant to your child. We provide an age-specific template to get you started. (If you are setting up a profile for a teenager, we encourage you and the teen to do this together.) Behaviors are classified as Toward or Away, based on whether they move your child toward or away from your family’s values.

Toward behaviors are Level 4, in the Green Light zone.

Moderate Away behaviors are Levels 3 and 2, in the Yellow Light zone.

Severe Away behaviors are Level 1, in the Red Light zone.

Each behavior level has outcomes associated with it. There are two types of outcomes: privileges and costs. For example, a privilege might be "your choice of movie for family movie night", and a cost might be "no screen time for two hours".

Let's say that your child Charlotte is in Level 4. She has Level 4 privileges and no costs, because Level 4 is in the Green Light zone; only privileges apply. Then Charlotte uses disrespectful back talk, which is in her behavior list as a Level 3 behavior. When that behavior is entered into the Tracker by you (or another caregiver), Charlotte is automatically moved into Level 3, so a different set of privileges and costs now applies. Charlotte can enter Kid Mode to see what level she's on and what privileges and costs are in effect. It will take time — and the avoidance of Away behaviors in the Yellow and Red Light zones — for Charlotte to get back to Level 4, the Green Light zone.

You didn't have to figure anything out on the fly. No negotiating. No bickering.

The decision making about behaviors and outcomes happens once, when you set up the system. You eliminate inconsistency, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel each time, and you avoid making decisions in the spur of the moment when emotions are running high.

At any given time, you and your child know what privileges or costs are in effect. ChildBe provides consistency in attaching outcomes to behaviors. That leads to growing consistency in behaviors that move your child toward your family’s values.

ParentBe Coaching

ParentBe is a coaching system that provides psychoeducation for caregivers of children. ChildBe members receive tips and prompts on a regular basis to support their parenting. We’re in this together!

Resource Recommendations

ChildBe members have access to a growing list of resources recommended by therapists, including articles, support associations, books, and mobile apps. Do you need a resource about anger or anxiety? Search with keywords, and find what you need.

ChildBe Community

Members of the ChildBe Community gather online to support and learn from each other. ParentBe content is posted in the community for ongoing reference and discussion. We encourage you to share your stories − your challenges and victories − as we take this journey together!