Behavior Tracker

Record a behavior, and pre-determined outcomes automatically apply. You don't have to figure out anything on the fly. No negotiating. No bickering.

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Passport Stamps

Reinforce your child's Green Light behaviors by stamping their passport! Stamps can be redeemed for awards that you've set up together.

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Parents and other caregivers receive valuable tips and psychoeducation in their inbox on a regular basis to support their parenting.

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Kid Mode

Children can enter Kid Mode to see what level they're on and what privileges and costs are in effect.

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Does your child have more than one caregiver? Provide access to others who can help track your child's behavior.

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Access our growing list of resources recommended by family care professionals.

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The Matrix

This valuable therapy tool provides insight into your and your child's behaviors and how they function in your lives.

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ChildBe Community

The ChildBe Community is an online community of families who use ChildBe to strengthen the kids and, ultimately, the families they love.

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Device Flexibility

Enjoy constant access to ChildBe, whether you're at home on your computer or on the go with your mobile device.

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