Passport Stamps

Reinforce your child's Green Light behaviors by stamping their passport! Stamps can be redeemed for awards that you've set up together.

How It Works
How It Works

ChildBe isn't just about dealing with Away behaviors (behaviors that move your child away from your family's values). It's also about acknowledging and rewarding Toward behaviors (behaviors that move your child toward your family's values).

The Behavior Tracker should include your child's basic Toward behaviors. The Passport feature is a way to acknowledge and reward Toward behaviors that are not included on your child's standard behavior list. You also might choose to use it when your child goes above and beyond with their basic Toward behaviors!

You may stamp your child's passport with the number of stamps that you think matches the 'size' of the behavior. Stamps can be redeemed for awards that the parent(s) and child choose together.

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